Danger is looming.

But it could be averted if state and federal authorities listen to voices of reason and relocate the tank farms at Apapa.

The Chief Executive Officer of ENL Consortium Limited, Victoria Haastrup has asked the federal government to be proactive.

Haastrup is asking the government to relocate tank farms to a more spacious area that will not constitute any danger to the society.

She condemned the location of the tank farms in the middle of the city and residential area, describing it as a ticking time bomb.

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“Government needs to consider relocating the tank farms out of Apapa. How can you surround the port environment where people live with tank farms?

“I have been talking about this. In other countries of the world, tank farms are located miles away from the city,” Haastrup said in an interview with Punch.

“See what happened in Calabar recently, if that happened in Apapa, it will consume all of us.  If one tank farm explodes in Apapa, hundreds of people will die because those tank farms are sitting right in the middle of the city.

“Government needs to be decisive to save Apapa because if the tank farms catch fire, the port terminals will shut down,” Haastrup warned.

If you live around the tank farms, you should consider relocating or protesting until it is removed

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