The curfew was imposed to enable traditionalists perform rituals to ward off the invasion by the fearless Badoo gang that have wreaked havoc in some parts of Ikorodu and its environs.

Bounce News gathered that a special message has been circulated to residents of Ikorodu community, especially women and visitors to be cautious of their movement during the festival which usually holds from dusk to dawn.

On such occasions, women are not allowed to be out of their homes. The Oro celebration forbids women from coming out throughout the curfew period.

A resident of the area, Kunle Adeyemi told Bounce News on Monday that business activities have been suspended in Sabo, Itamaga.

Banks and other firms are also affected as their doors have been shut to customers.

Bounce News further gathered that the management of the Lagos State Polytechinc has directed that there should no test or any form of practical for students during this period.

The school said students who stay in the affected areas have been advised to stay at home.