It's 2018 and the warning against buying used phones is now being promoted with this image currently being circulated on social media.

We sought to know if this is officially from the police as it seems to be saying ‘don’t blame us for your own stupidity when it hunts you’.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos, Godwin Oti, told Bounce News that the piece did not originate from his office.

“I am not the author of this piece, but I will investigate.

“We are not a commercial police, we don't tell people what phone to buy or not. We can only advise you buy from appropriate place and or from the right person,” he added.

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If this is simply citizen’s intervention, perhaps, it is wise to just ignore the messenger but never discard the message.

Sometime in September 2017, Bounce News brought the story of how the phone stolen from former reality show winner, Hector Jobateh, led to the arrest of his killers.

After Hector was killed, his killers took his phone and the quest for more money made them sell the phone to another man, whom the police first arrested.

We told you how the ‘phone buyer’ cried helplessly in regret at the Force Headquarters in Lagos.

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In tears, he told Bounce News how he knew nothing about the killing of Hector and how he helped the police by leading them to where he bought the phone, thinking that would earn him freedom.

But no, that did not exonerate him. “If I had known I should not have bought the phone,” he cried in regret.

Further investigation revealed that top officials of leading security agencies have also been sharing the image; an indication that they agree with the message.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise. Remember the advice to "buy from appropriate place and or from the right person".

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