It's a new week, the World Cup is over and once again, we're all back to the humdrum of everyday living. 

With Monday typically comes a list of goals to be accomplished, and as every fashion enthusiast knows, there's nothing more empowering than a killer outfit to see you through. 

Donning the right outfit is not unlike what happens when super heroes wear their capes in movies - you're more confident which puts a pep in your step, and in the right frame of mind to conquer whatever dragons may come your way.

This is why we're bringing to you 7 outfits to serve as inspiration for you to slay as you smash all your goals this week.

Check them out.

Photo credit: Instagram/kiitana

1. Matching set

Matching sets are all the rage now and we particularly love the loose fit of this monotone set. Many of us may not be able to get away with wearing an inner cropped top so you can easily switch that for a regular camisole. Pair with a big bag and pumps/heeled sandals, and you're good to go.

Photo credit: Instagram/workwearfashion

2. Printastic

We love a good print and when it's combined so artfully, then it's printastic! Don't be shy to pair your prints ladies. They key with mixing prints is to work with the majour colours. So if the predominant colour in your top is green for instance, then work along those lines by either contrasting or matching it.

Photo credit: Instagram/workwearfashion

3. Accessorise

The right accessory can completely transform an outfit as seen above. The addition of a brooch not only added colour but also provided some contrast too.

Photo credit: Instagram/workwearfashion

4. Slouchy Fashion

This is also all the rage now - loose fitting trousers and blazers. We particularly love when there's some contrast when this pairing happens.

Photo credit: Instagram/workwearfashion

5. Monotone love

We love the effortless yet chic style of this outfit, and the fact that it's monotone makes it all the more a winner.

Photo credit: Instagram/olarslin

6. For the love of Friday

Ditch the usual jeans or ankara on a Friday by opting for a monotone matching set. Pair with sneakers for a super laid back look.

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