Every month, Diana, an unemployed graduate, spends over 3,000 Naira on data subscription and she keeps wondering why she spends so much. 

Every morning, as soon as she wakes up, her phone is by her bedside. She picks it up, checks her social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and then WhatsApp to see if she has unread messages from friends. 

On WhatsApp, after checking her messages, she slides into the status area and then looks through people's status. She watches a few videos mostly those that make her smile and laugh. She feels refreshed starting her day on a happy mood and then she drops the phone for her morning devotion - that is on a day she feels like praying.

After prayers, she goes to brush and then returns to the phone and the chats and gisting begin. 

She talks with her friends and then a few guys wooing her after they have seen an image that looks far different from what she is like real life - call it the makeover effect. 

Diana enjoys the attention of the guys. In her mind, she knows her 'face-lift' is doing all the magic, but she can't help it. She is unemployed after all, and the guys are willing to part with small amount of airtime which she puts together to subscribe again when her data runs out. 

She has continued like this for months and her engagement on social networks, especially WhatsApp, is contributing to the inforgraphic below.

Take a good look at it.

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WhatsApp is leading the pack and while some people are smiling to the bank with the ready market these platforms provide, others like Diana are chatting their lives away. 

How Do I Join The Earners?

If the question above runs through your mind, you are not alone.

With the right mindset, you can turn your situation around and begin to earn money from your engagement on social networks. 

Have you noticed that there is a sudden increase in the amount of video content that hits you on social networks? It will continue to grow and there is money to be made by unemployed persons like Diana. 

In the midst of this growing output, some videos that could be tagged 'senseless', yet funny are more among the videos you see and they get the highest views.

WhatsApp is leading because it has become the easiest way for individuals to keep in touch and for companies to communicate within groups. 

For media organisations, it has become the fastest way to report happenings around. 

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So much is going on with the platform now and the status update is becoming another good way to earn money. 

After reading this, begin to think of what funny 30-second videos you can make and put up as your status, because some of these statuses you watch daily are becoming money spinners for people who put them up, but you may not know.

Begin by first converting the time you spend chatting to a time for video making, install applications that you can use to do some video with on your phone and you are good to go.

That time and data you use to share videos of you pouting, convert it to making funny/inspirational/DIY videos that people can watch, enjoy and share.

Devote the time to build an audience and over time, you will be able to monetise it - just ask the likes of Maraji and Craze Clown who make good money from entertaining their teeming followers on Instagram.

Views on any social network is like GOLD that you can sell to companies and individuals anytime, any day.

Once you start to think a little out of the box, your smart mobile phone will become a money making machine for you.

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