Black Panther is still breaking records.

The movie is not only the 4th highest grossing movie of all time in the North American Box Office, it is also the 10th highest grossing film globally.

In the North American  box office the film has made $652.5 million, while globally the film has grossed $1.28 billion.

The movie is still on course to overtake Titanic ($659.4 million) which holds the third spot on the local scene and Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the global scene.

Bounce News spoke to Daniel Oriahi on how Nollywood can take advantage of  Black Panther's success in the cinemas.

"The world is becoming interested in African stories after Black Panther.

"People like John Boyega, Nnedi Okoroafor are taking advantage of this interests. Now that the focus is on Africa and Nollywood it could help with a lot of things".

The Director, whose new movIe Date Night premieres in cinemas on April 20, said the country needs more cinemas and better channels for film distribution.

He also spoke about the challenge cinemas face in trying to survive outside shopping malls.

"Distribution has been one of the biggest problems of Nollywood, we need more cinemas.

"I know that by the year 2022, Nigeria would have like 50 cinemas, but even that is not enough.

"We need people to invest in low and medium scale cinemas. I heard there is a Chinese conglomerate, planning to invest in cinemas in Nigeria, and you know when the Chinese come they come in a big way, they will be everywhere", he told Bounce News.

The only problem according to Daniel Oriahi is that when cinemas begin to enter more areas it would give pirates easier access to cinema movies.

"Easier access to cinemas will mean easier access for pirates to get a hold of movies,  this means we will need to tackle the issue of piracy hand in hand with distribution" he added.