The draws for the newly-resuscitated West African Football Union (WAFU) Cup of Nations have been conducted.

According to the pairings, Nigeria will be facing Sierra Leone in the first round of the competition to be staged in two cities in Ghana.

Other teams that would play their first-round games in Takoradi include; Mali who are pitched against Mauritania, Ghana and Gambia as well as Guinea and Guinea Bissau.

All first-round games are on a knockout basis before the remaining eight teams are split into two groups.


ZONE A (Takoradi)

Ghana vs. Gambia

Nigeria vs.  Sierra Leone

Mali vs. Mauritania

Guinea vs. Guinea Bissau


ZONE B (Cape Coast)

Senegal vs. Liberia

Burkina Faso vs. Niger

Ivory Coast  vs. Togo

Benin vs. Cape Verde


FIRST ROUND (Knockout)

SECOND ROUND (Group stage of two with four teams)