It is becoming more difficult these days, to receive positive stories from Kogi state.

With so much chaos and impunity in the politics of the state, we are not surprised that the education sector is also falling into crisis.

The bad news for students who wish to write their school certificate examination in Kogi state is that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has banned 47 secondary schools in the state from all its examinations indefinitely.

This is because Kogi state has been ranked the number one in examination malpractices in the country according to WAEC.

Management have been found to be aiding and abetting examination malpractice by candidates who sit for its exams in the affected schools.

The state government had recently received a letter to that effect from the examination body and they were embarrassed.

The Commissioner for Education in Kogi state, Mrs. Rosemary Osikoya, said that the indicted secondary schools would also get additional sanctions from the state government.

She expressed dissatisfaction with the rating of the state as the number one in examination malpractice, stating that her ministry is determined to reverse the negative trend.

The indicted schools include private and public secondary schools across the state while 13 of them have been notorious for examination malpractices. 


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