Sources claimed that the embattled deputy president was poisoned, adding that he suffered an "adverse reaction after drinking a milkshake served at the event".

Mnangagwa reportedly walked to the ambulance barely a few minutes after he had vomited during Mugabe's address.

"The vice president walked off stage some 45 minutes into Mugabe's address and got into an ambulance amid claims that he was vomiting," the report said.

A report from the Standard said the vice president was in a "bad shape".

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Mnangagwa was escorted to the ambulance by a senior government minister, who reportedly denied knowing anything about Mnangagwa's illness, the report said.

Mnangagwa reportedly offered to resign last week over what he called repeated "public humiliation" by Mugabe's wife Grace.

The sources said that Mnangagwa believed there was a plot against him by the system to kick him out.