At the moment Nigerians in Ecuador are a little above 1,000 persons, according to the Ambassador of the nation, Deopoldo Rovayo.

Travelling to the country will soon become visa-free for Nigerians, but the clause to that freedom has not been announced.

Will this number increase after the visa-free agreement has been concluded?  

This visa-free agreement that is still being discussed by both countries is something that will be of great benefit to both countries, the Ecuadorian Ambassador believes. 

Here are a few things to know about Ecuador before you decide to take advantage of the visa-free policy:

1.  The Nation is in the Northwestern part of South America.  

It lies on the Equator between Colombia to the northeast, and Peru, to the south and east. Its capital is Quito.

2.  The official currency of the nation is United States Dollar and Ecuadorian centavo coins.

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3.  Language generally used in the country is Spanish and this may require that a Nigerians travelling to the nation may need to have a fair understanding. 

4.  Ecuador has a population of 16.39 million which is less than Lagos state alone. 

5.  For those that may begin to nurse the idea of visiting the nation should the visa-free agreement pull through, there are volcanoes in the nation and one, christened 'troublemaker' erupted in December 2017.

Cotopaxi is one of South America's most famous volcanoes and one of its most active. 

6.  Just like Lagos State's transport system, Ecuador also has a Bus Rapid Transit system that runs through Quito, its capital city.