Femi Otedola is a great man and he needs no introduction.

But in case you do not know - he is a Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and chairman of Forte Oil PLC, an importer of fuel products.

But it appears Lagosians get carried away by their daily hustle and the heat of the sun that they could not recognise the billionaire even when he was in their midst for over two hours.

Dressed as simply as he normally appears, Otedola boarded a bus from Sango Ota to Agege within the busy Lagos metropolis.

He uploaded a video of himself in a Molue sitting next to a passenger/trader is seen selling ?`pá eyin, a traditional medication which aids strong erection and combats watery sperm.

However, in the video, it was obvious that passengers in the molue did not recognise the billionaire because none of them paid attention to him.

“Recently took a ride on the Molue from Sango to Agege,” Otedola wrote on his Instagram page where he shared the video which has no audio.

Meanwhile, this comes about a month after Otedola also shared on Instagram a video in which he took a bus trip in London, United Kingdom.

Otedola wrote on Instagram “took a bus to see my old teacher at Wandsworth”.

We all know that Otedola aims for excellence in all that he does and is a strong believer in research while paying attention to detail.

So, we will wait and see if the billionaire is interested in transforming our transport network and improving its efficiency.