From the caption, you can tell it is an Ad for a fashion store.

Her caption reads: #ad Push-up season is finally HERE girls, and thanks to @sneakyvaunt I am soon ready to rock it. I've got a bunch of party invites this year, and tbh until I got my girls into this push-up, my outfit plans were missing a little something.

"No back, no straps, and all this cleavage was exactly what I needed?? Don’t just wear that dress this year, rock it - Hit up to get what you need to make it happen".

The question is; could this message have beeen passed without the breast exposure?

Or is it just about giving us something to talk about?

Does this make you want to try her product?

And please, ignore the look of the breast, it must have been through a lot in the mouth of little Imade.

The comments on the post on Instagram will make you laugh and some will annoy you.