The blindfolds came as we moved away from the highway.

The dusty atmosphere and the bumpy road were all we could feel for over an hour as we journeyed to meet our contact in the underworld.

Bounce News records confessions of drug addicts in Nigeria's northern city, Kano.

"It is not enough to block the supply chain of drug abusers. Why do we often forget that they are drug abusers; not codeine or tramadol abusers."

"They will surely abuse any drug they find and make new combinations each time a whistle is blown on a popular abused substance."

"Even if they take me to prison and jail me for a hundred years, If I come back, I will continue from where I stopped", said Hanatu who has been taking drugs for over 4 years.

Why is no one asking "why did they start taking drugs?"; "what impact does it have on them?"; "are we really ready to help them stop this evil habit?"

Watch below our voyage to uncover the causes, impact and some solutions that could help Nigeria save it's future leaders from plunging into nonredeemable darkness.

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