"Arrange dollar, arrange dollar," a police officer kept saying in a leaked video.

He was not alone, but they were talking to a man that sounded more like a Nigerian that had returned from a foreign country.

It appears the occupants of the vehicle were three in number, heading for an event.

However, the officer in the video seems to have held them for an unlawful act which he did not even care to talk about as much as he talked about his desire to hold dollar bills in his hands. 


His face was shown, but his number was not so clear, as he shouts dollar, dollar, like he was sure there were dollar bills somewhere in the vehicle or that the occupants of the vehicle were dollar printers.

"If we had dollar, that would have been cool, but I don't have no dollars. We only carry Naira," one of the occupants of the vehicle said.

"What do you want us to do?" the police officer questioned further, soliciting for the bribe like it was part of his duty.  

He was then offered 700 Naira by the person recording the video but he said it was too small.

"Bring better thing, 'oga', that one is not money. I don tell you finish o, he said, now getting angry."

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He insisted that they should follow him to the station since they could not bring a higher amount of money.

The video released by Aledeh further revealed the level of reform that is needed in the Nigeria Police Force. It appears it is not just the SARS that needs reform.