'Clementus' is a young man whose strong desire for the lust of the flesh has landed him in serious trouble.

He took his perverseness to another level.

Clementus craved the naked body of women so much that he devised a plan to feed his eyes in abundance.

He disguised as a woman and entered the female hostel of the University of Benin (UNIBEN).

He was on the verge of success when the bubble burst.


Clemetus was caught peeping at female students as they had their bath in their hostel.

According to Campus Voice UNIBEN, the man was caught in Hall 1 peeping at naked women. 

The women quickly raised alarm, shouting "Clementus" and he was apprehended and paraded. 

He reportedly didn't make an attempt to escape after he found out he had been caught peeping.

In a video shared online, the young man is seen surrounded by women clad only in towels and shower caps as they questioned him.

Watch video below