It was meant to be a break-up kiss but ended up as a 'tongue damage kiss'.

A 23-year-old Chinese woman caused serious damage to her ex- boyfriend’s tongue during a 'break up kiss'. 

The bizarre incident happened when the man had announced their break up to the 26-year-old woman, who then wanted a last kiss.

The break-up kiss turned into pain for the man who was left in tears before officers in the province were forced to use pepper spray on the woman to free her ex.

The incident occurred on the street of Qianshan in Anhui Province on May 20, which is an unofficial day of confession in China due to its numerical pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese.

Mail Online reported that the woman's parents explained to police that their daughter recently became 'mentally unstable' after being scammed while shopping online, and that could be the cause of her behaviour.

They also revealed that their daughter and the man have been in a relationship for several years. 

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