It is another holiday season for primary and secondary schools across Nigeria and many parents are still wondering how to keep their kids busy.

Here is holiday parenting at another level as defined by Nollywood’s Kunle Afolayan.

The actor and filmmaker revealed he has sent his 8-year old son, Darimisire to intern as an automobile mechanic during the holiday.

For the next five to six weeks of the holiday, Darimisire will be learning a trade many elites would not recommend for their kids.

Kunle Afolayan shared a video of his boy at work on Instagram and added the caption below:

Keep them busy so they can be useful to themselves and the society at large. Darimisire doing holiday internship as an automobile mechanic. Loro kan, o nko’se mokalik #mechanic #internship

This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Can you do same for your child? Share the story and see how friends react!

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