Some occurrences will make you want to take the police serious when they ask that you give them information when you see anything suspicious in your area.  

This is one of such.

Residents folded their hands, looking surprised as they watch the police destroy a shrine that has been with them for months if not years where a man identified as Fatai Adebayo, a spiritualist to the dreaded Badoo cult group, has been using for spiritual activities.

They looked on like the building suddenly dropped in Imosan village from the sky while some ran at the sound of gunshots by police officials that had come to arrest the spiritualist. 

Imosan is a suburb of Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State which is very close to Ikorodu where suspected members of the cult group have killed some persons.

Police arrest badoo leader and spiritualist
Residents of the area looks in amazement

At the scene of the arrest, the Police Commissioner in Lagos State, Imohimi Edgal, said the head of the group had been arrested.

"We arrested him on water as he was making his escape," he told a gathering of reporters and residents. 

The commissioner also said one of the suspected members of the group in police's custody gave information about Adebayo's shrine. 

"The suspect confessed that before they go for any killing, the head of the group brings them to this shrine, to carryout oaths for both themselves and the piece of stone they use for their killings. 

"They don't go for any killings without first of all coming for oath in this shrine."

Police arrest badoo leader and spiritualist
Adebayo held inside the shrine by a police official

The Police Commissioner further assured residents of Lagos State that the police would continue to do their best until the Badoo cult is completely rooted out of Lagos State.

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The activities of the group had climaxed in 2017, with residents taking the law into their hands, delivering jungle justice - beating to death or setting ablaze - anyone suspected to be member of the group.

In the midst of this, innocent people were killed and the Lagos State government asked the police to end the trend.

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Police arrest badoo leader and spiritualist
The piece of stone that allegedly used for oath taking and killing
Police arrest badoo leader and spiritualist
Police arrest badoo leader and spiritualist
Fetish items inside the shrine

After the arrest, the Lagos State government commended the police.