A hungry man, they say, is an angry man

This best describes what the mild drama that ensued in the house after housemates, Nina, Cee-C, and Khloe got involved in a heated argument over food in the house on Tuesday.

The mini-drama started when Nina ate from Cee-c’s share of their breakfast without her permission. Having realised that Cee-C was angry, Nina quickly apologized.

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Nina’s apologies were not welcomed by Cee-C as she flared up raining abuses on her and went as far as calling Nina a ‘dustbin’ and ‘a piece of shit’.

At this point, Nina who could no longer contain the insults talked back and challenged Cee-c that with someone like her, she knows she is not ‘a piece of shit’

Khloe decided to step into the situation by asking Nina to apologize again, which she did, but Cee- c, wasn’t having any of it and continued shouting, which made khloe talk back at her.