It is common knowledge that nothing lasts forever including a professional football career.

The Peles, Maradonas and even Okochas have come and gone but the round leather game is still waxing even stronger.

It is in this light one must commend former Nigeria international, Victor Moses who already seems to have a career path he wants to tread once he quits football.

Moses is not thinking like the average football player who often likes to build their life still around the game; either by going into coaching or administration.

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“Maybe a property business or something along those lines,” Moses told Chelsea official website when asked about his retirement plans.

While he might likely keep his dreads, it will be nice to see Moses well-suited and calling the shots at his business conglomerate in the future. 

Back to the present, Moses is having to endure time on the substitutes’ bench after the appointment of Italian manager, Maurizio Sarri in the summer.

The almost ever-present under Antonio Conte has now played just nine minutes out of the 270 already accrued in the league.

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