The dust raised by the alleged description as 'lifeless' the meeting of President Muhammadu Buhari with US President Donald Trump in April, is yet to settle.

President Trump allegedly described his meeting with Buhari at the White House as 'lifeless' and even went to ahead to warn aides not to book him for such meetings again.

This has generated reactions from both home and abroad.

The United States Government has however refused to comment or deny the statement credited to President Donald Trump.

Aruba Amirthanayagam, who is Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy, while speaking in Minna, Niger State on Tuesday during his visit to Zubair Idris, the Executive Director of Prestige FM Radio, said: “We have no specific comment on that, a newspaper published it, the paper should comment on it”.

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Amirthanayagam also said that it will not take side in the Nigeria’s 2019 general election, saying it wants the winner to be elected in a free and fair contest.

“And we will do all we can to assist Nigeria’s government.

“The United States expects that the 2019 general elections will be free and transparent.

“I think we should repeat the success we had in the last election because we have had elections in some parts of Africa that have not gone well. What we got in 2015 was great for Nigeria and for the rest of Africa and other developing countries,” he said.

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