The failed coup attempt in Gabon on Monday resulted in the death of at least two persons.

A report by Reuters says the two suspects in the failed coup were killed by Gabon security forces.

Government security forces also captured seven others, government's spokesman, Guy-Bertrand Mapangou, told reporters.

The plotters seized control of the national radio station early on Monday morning and in a broadcast said that President Ali Bongo was no longer fit for office.

After the coup announcement, over 300 people initially trooped to the streets to celebrate the coup, which was later crushed by government forces.

Later in the day, authorities in Gabon said they had doused tension, with the government declaring that it was in control and that it had arrested most of those involved.

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“Calm has returned, the situation is under control,” government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou, told AFP.

Ailing President Ali Bongo, who is out of the country. Of the five who did this, according to Mapangou, “four have been arrested and one is on the run.”

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