There are cries coming from the National Assembly in Nigeria again and they are asking for succour. 

It is just one day after Senate President Muhammadu Buhari declared his intention to run in 2019 presidential election and it appears cans of worms are getting opened. 

Staff of the National Assembly are again asking for the payment of their allowances which they claimed have been pending for months. 

A legislative aide with the House of Representatives, Segun Tomori, raised concerns about the welfare of staff of the National Assembly in some tweets with the thread; #WeAreAidesNotSlaves, posted on his Twitter page. 

Charity Begins At Home

He wrote: "Our esteemed Chairman, Dr. Bukola Saraki, today, Thursday, declared to run for President.

"He stated he was heeding calls to run, and quite frankly, it is within his rights.

"We congratulate him.

"We, however, remind His Excellency that charity begins at home.

"Under the able leadership of His Excellency Dr. Saraki, Legislative Aides have experienced the worst form of deprivation.

"So, while we wish him best wishes on his desire to run, we are constrained to look at him from the prism of his unconcern for the plight of aides".

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Mr Tomori, apparently speaking on behalf of other aides of the National Assembly, further expressed the belief of the workers that he "that is faithful in little things, can be entrusted with greater responsibilities".

The aide of the House of Representatives further highlighted that "if 3,000 aides cannot be adequately catered to, then, it will be pure magic to effectively take care of 180 million Nigerians.

"But that is for Nigerians to decide.

"As we give Dr. Saraki our best wishes as he gets on d campaign trail, we humbly remind him of his promise yesterday to expeditiously act on Legislative Aides plight.

"We are holding him by his words. 

"It will be a shame if a Presidential aspirant is superintending over subordinates that are groaning under the pang of unpaid allowances and poor service conditions".

'Counting On Saraki'

Highlighting what they want the Senate President to do, they requested that he should put pressure on the Clerk of the National Assembly and make him do the needful since their request was duly provided for in the budge of the NASS which they also claimed was increased to 139 billion Naira in 2018.

"That's why we are counting on the Senate President in the spirit of his Presidential declaration to hearken to our cries.

"We are always reminded of the good old days of Ex-SP, Senator David Mark, and Speaker Bankole.

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"They fought for aides welfare and always ensured that the management never short-changed them. 

"We expect Dr. Saraki to follow suit. It is better late, than never.

"We are law-abiding legislative aides and will remain so, but we will fight for our rights within the ambit of the law," he added. 

The aides are asking for their arrears on Quarterly Trainings and Full Severance package, which they also highlighted were irreducible minimums.

The uproar has made news with reports claimed that the Senate President had connived with NASS Mgt to siphon the allowances of Aides.

However, in Mr Tomori's tweets, an individual which Bounce News learnt was his boss, His boss is Honourable Ayodeji Joseph, was not mentioned at all. 

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