Britain has no plans to join America to make the controversial move of relocating its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

According to British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Britain still disagrees with the U.S. decision to make the move.

“The PM said in December when the announcement was first made that we disagree with the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital before a final status agreement.

“The British embassy to Israel is based in Tel Aviv and we have no plans to move it,” May’s spokesman said on Monday.

May is saying this on a day the U.S opened its embassy in Jerusalem, an event that has led to Palestinian protests.

Already, Israeli gunfire has killed at least 41 Palestinians and wounded at least 2,000 other protesters along the Gaza border on Monday, according to health officials.

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The opening ceremony is at a U.S. consular building in the Arnona neighborhood. It will house an interim embassy for the ambassador and a small staff until a larger site is found.

The compound cuts across the 1949 Armistice Line that separated West Jerusalem from No Man’s Land, which Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War and has held under occupation ever since.

The embassy move follows U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision last December to break with decades of U.S. policy and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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