Modern day slavery comes in several forms and it is the new monster that the world must grapple with, so the United Kingdom government is trying to do its part to end the menace.

On Friday, the British government announced that hundreds of thousands of people who have survived modern slavery or risk becoming enslaved in nations such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Nigeria will receive support through a 40 million pound, about 16-billion-naira aid package.

Half of the money will be split between tackling forced labour among women migrant workers from South Asia and cracking down on human trafficking from Nigeria, often of women and girls into sex slavery, said Britain’s foreign aid department, DFID.

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The rest will go to the US-based Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, a public-private partnership seeking $1.5 billion to combat the crime globally by targeting problem sectors from the garment industry to fisheries and construction.

By working with law enforcement, civil society and businesses, as well as providing information, skills and job opportunities to vulnerable people, mostly women, DFID said the money would help save more than 500,000 people from slavery.

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