In life and in all religions people always pray for breakthrough.

One thing is consistent in life and that is change and when it comes in a positive form it makes a whole lot of sense.

What happened on Saturday when Real Madrid faced Liverpool in the final of the UEFA Champions League final again highlights the role change plays in making the life of an individual great. 

People of different religions should learn from how two men changed the course of the game. 

The first person is Sergio Ramos and Mohammed Salah was the casualty.

Half an hour into the game, Ramos took out Salah in a game he had come in with the hope of proving a point and have his name added to the list of World Footballers of the Year for the next Ballon d'Or.

He was like an Egyptian pyramid in the way of Real Madrid, as his team was built around him. 

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Ramos must have seen the impact his presence could make and he gave his team the game changer in that tactical foul that did not even earn him a card. It was cleanly delivered.  

That moment... ?????? #UCLFinal

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This act by Ramos is part of the game and whoever tactically brings it in could make the great change needed. 

Some mountains must have to give way for your game to change and everyone should pray this prayer point almost everyday of their life. 

"Oh God, Give Me A Game Changer."

God answers those who pray with a clean heart to Him, so pray for the the game changer to happen for you if you desire anything of worthy course.  

If you desire a job, a great relationship, money to impact lives, land a great contract, live in good health or get a home of your own, ask God for a Game Changer