Music executive and entrepreneur, Ubi Franklin has responded to an internet troll who called him a fake philanthropist on Instagram.

Prior to the exchange, Ubi had shared a photo with the caption:

“Family is what you make of it. It’s December, Make sure it’s a month to remember."

However, a troll who reacted to this called him a fake philanthropist for not helping him.

The man with the Instagram handle @Mykelow accused Ubi Franklin of blocking him on Whatsapp when he asked the TrippleMG boss for financial assistance.

However, Ubi Franklin in his response said @Mykelow had asked him for help in a rude manner.

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“You can’t ask for favours in a rude manner, I do not owe you or your generation anything. There are people out there with more money and more opportunities to help and they don’t, so if in my small way  I am trying, and you decided to be rude, I would block you physically and in my dream. Good luck begging in a rude way.” 

See  the exchange between Ubi Franklin and the troll below:

ubi franklin
ubi franklin

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