Ubi Franklin is the epitome of the popular adage 'the gentility of the tiger should never be taken as stupidity’.

The businessman and TripleMG record label boss blasted a fan over comments about his failed marriage to Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro.

A fan took a swipe at him after Ubi congratulated his colleague who just got engaged.

The fan wrote: “How about your own wedding?

“After all the garagara and shedding tears on your wedding day, you two cannot even stay together for two years. Quite shameful.”

In his response, Ubi told the fan to mind his business and not interfere in his personal life.

“Do you want to help me carry the shame? I can hand it over to you.”

“Abeg let me carry my cross and don’t come near it because you might not survive it,” he wrote.

ubi franklin