In the future, you might not be able to hitch Uber rides if you are high from plenty ‘shayo’.

The ride hailing giant is working on technology which would detect if users of its app are drunk or high.

A patent application from the company, revealed this week, outlining a system that would be able to identify if someone is displaying uncharacteristic behaviour by looking at small changes in their behaviour as they use the Uber app.

The patent includes: a list of potential data Uber could use to determine an app user’s level of drunkenness.

This includes: walking speed, unusual typos made while inputting a ride request, the angle at which a user holds the phone and whether the phone is swaying.

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While the patent application doesn’t spell out that the proposed tool would be used to identify if someone is drunk or on drugs – it refers instead to “‘predicting user state using machine learning” and “uncharacteristic user states” – that would be the most likely interpretation.

If the theoretical AI system does detect that someone is acting in an unusual way, it will tailor Uber’s services accordingly.

The patent application suggests ways Uber might tailor its services, such as directing users to a better-lit pickup point, for example, or matching users with a driver who has been trained to deal with drunk passengers.

Uber says it may also use the technology to prevent users from pooling with other passengers.

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