You may recall that ride hailing giant, Uber lost its licence to operate in London in September last year.

The company will now appear in court on Monday to appeal the loss of the operator's licence.

The case has big ramifications because London basically represents Uber's entire business in the UK.

London's transport regulator decided to revoke Uber's licence because of the company's record on safety — meaning there's a chance Uber could be kicked out of London.

But Uber's in with a fighting chance to reverse the decision because it has proactively made positive changes to its business.

It's a major test for chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi, and the changes he has implemented to the ride-hailing company to appease public and regulatory criticism around the world.

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Representatives for Uber will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London to appeal the loss of its operator's licence in the capital.

The hearing is expected to continue for three days, and we won't necessarily know whether Uber has won its licence back at the end of the process because the appeal could go to a higher court.

Uber is continuing to operate in London in the meantime, but if it loses this process, it would have to quit London.

Uber is expected to argue that it's "fit and proper" to hold a licence.

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