The women identified as Violet Mbala Ekor and Helen Isieg died within 24 hours.

It was gathered that the victims after completing ante-natal care in the Primary Health facilities in Nkarasi, Abanyom ward of Ikom, chose to visit the residence of Prophetess Eka Maria to deliver.
The prophetess had allegedly been preaching against the use of health facilities in Ikom, claiming they were evil spirits occupying them.

Isieg died on Wednesday after delivering and suffering post-partum hemorrhage. She was delivering her fourth child and the baby died a few minutes after her.
For Ekor, she registered at the Health Post in Nkim, 30 seconds away from her home, but when about delivering, decided to go to the prophetess and she also died of post-partum hemorrhage on Thursday, after delivering a baby girl on Wednesday. .
But Maria has, however, denied telling the women to stay away from health centers as she always enlists the help of professionals when there is crisis.

The matter has been reported to police officials while investigation into the cause of death has begun.