Times are very hard.

You may have a 9-5 job and you feel the recession may be threatening your comfort. But for some people it may be threatening their lives.

“We realised that the hardship was too much and that we would be helping them if we leave our families in Abuja in search of better opportunities in Lagos".

Two male teenagers have absconded from home because their parents are too poor.

The teenagers, Chidubem Amaechi, 13, and Chinedu Onyebuchi, 13, escaped from their home in Abuja in search of a better life in Lagos .

Their  plans were, however, thwarted by police officers who accosted them just few minutes after alighting from an Abuja bus at Ojodu-Berger.

The teenagers were sighted by the officers of the  Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command wandering around the area before they were invited for questioning.
The children had lied to the officers during interrogations that they were kidnapped and blindfolded before they were driven to Lagos by their abductors.
They added that they escaped from their abductors while they (the abductors) were sleeping under the bridge before Ogun-Lagos long bridge.
The officers moved the boys to the RRS Headquarters, where an investigation was begun over the kidnapping.
However, the officers suspected the children were not telling the truth after contacting their parents, who have been looking for the boys in Abuja since Sunday, May 14, 2017.
It took three days of questioning before, Chidubem Amaechi opened up that he and Chinedu Onyebuchi connived to leave Abuja because of the poor status of their parents.
According to Amaechi, “we noticed that our parents were suffering in order to take care of us. We decided to come to Lagos and work for sometimes. Whatever we were able to raise in six months, we would hand over to our parents for them to start a business.

“Amaechi added, I brought my N4,200 savings while Chinedu added N500 as transport fare to Lagos. We were already in Lagos before we realised that we were simply being stupid. We were wandering about when the officer invited us for questioning.”
The Commander, Rapid Response Squad, ACP Olatunji Disu, who received the parents of the teenagers on the fifth day of being in the Command’s custody in his office, appealed to parents and guardian to monitor and take good care of their wards.
The boys were reunited and released to their parents on Friday after they had promised not to repeat their actions again.