A sex video involving a man and a woman, both of whom were residents of Jalingo, had gone viral on the social network, sparking off public outrage.

And it appears the two persons involved in the act might also be in trouble, although they are not minors.

A Muslim cleric, Ustaz Aminu Abdullahi, condemned the video and urged law enforcement agencies to address the issue immediately.

“I am calling on all stakeholders to tackle this offence, which is against our religion, culture and even our laws.

“The two persons having sex in the tape are residents of Jalingo. We expect them to be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

“This irresponsibility cannot be allowed to continue because it will erode our values and expose our children to immorality”.

As expected, the police have now stepped in by warning citizens in the state against circulating such immoral videos on social media platforms.

The Taraba Police Command’s spokesman, David Misal, gave the warning in Jalingo on Monday.

According to him, circulating sex video can constitute a public nuisance, which can spark public unrest.

“The perpetrators of this act must desist from it immediately because it can cause public nuisance and dent the image of our society,” Misal said.


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