Even though more than half the world think America is making a mistake to open an embassy in Jerusalem, the American authorities will go ahead to open the embassy on May 14.

Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan announced this on Thursday.

Sullivan, who disclosed this in a message on Israel’s Independence Day anniversary, said Israel had prevailed over every challenge it had faced over the past 70 years.

He said: “On behalf of President Trump and the American people, I offer best wishes and congratulations to all Israelis as you mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence on April 19.

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“The State of Israel has prevailed over every challenge it has faced over the past 70 years. In just a short time, the people of Israel have created a successful nation that has flourished and continues to thrive.

“The United States established our diplomatic presence in Jerusalem well before the State of Israel was born, over 170 years ago.

“This year, we look forward to opening the new Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem on May 14 which coincides with the 70th anniversary of President Truman recognising the nascent State of Israel”.

Sullivan said Israel and the United States had an unshakeable bond that had endured and grown even stronger over the past seven decades.

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