When a wife has lost a husband to the cold hands of death, all she needs are soothing words of consolation.

But not to American President, Donald Trump.

President Trump’s caustic words made a widow weep even more.

The pregnant widow of an American soldier killed in an ambush in Niger said Monday that Donald Trump even struggled to remember her husband’s name during a condolence call.

Trump's call to Myeshia Johnson, whose husband Sergeant La David Johnson was one of 4 US soldiers killed in the October 4 jihadist attack, has generated a storm of controversy and comes as questions swirl over how the attack happened.

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"Yes, the president said that he knew what he signed up for but it hurts anyways," Johnson said on ABC's Good Morning America TV program, in her first public comments on the death of her 25-year-old husband.

"It made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it."

Myeshia Johnson, who is carrying the couple's third child, said she "heard him stumbling on trying to remember my husband's name and that hurt me the most."

"The only way he remembered my husband's name because he told me he had my husband's report in front of him and that's when he actually said La David," she said.

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