Is America now a monarchy and Donald Trump the King?

You could be tempted to think so going by the way he hires and fires.

The leader of one of the world’s strongest democracies, has put his son’s wedding planner in charge of a multi-billion-dollar housing programme in spite of her apparent lack of experience.

The wedding planner, Lynne Patton is reported to have been part of Trump’s inner circle for at least eight years.

Ms Patton was also a senior adviser on Trump’s campaign and organised Eric’s wedding in 2014 to Lara Yunaska.

Trump may have been impressed by Ms Patton’s wedding planning skills.

She will now be in charge of the biggest federal housing budget in the U.S., responsible for deciding where billions of dollars go across the state of New York.

Ms Patton is one of few black women to work for Trump, and claims she is “proof Donald Trump isn’t a bigot.”

She has worked with the President’s son as Vice President of the Eric Trump Foundation.

But the charity is currently embroiled in a fraud investigation over claims that $100,000 of child cancer research donations were funneled back into the Trump Organisation.

Forbes claimed the Foundation had charged $1.2million for fundraising golf events even though the charity used Trump’s golf courses for free.