America’s strong man, President Donald Trump wants to make America great again.

Part of the plans to make this a reality is to keep America for Americans, by limiting the number of foreigners coming into the land of promise.

On Friday, Trump said in one of his numerous tweets that the US Congress should end the visa lottery programme.

He cited a US Justice Department crackdown on a recipient who abused resident status to finance terrorist activities abroad.

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“Time to end the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans,” Trump said in the Twitter post.

Trump linked his message to a Justice Department press release regarding a complaint to revoke the resident status of a visa lottery program recipient who funded global terrorist activities.

The Justice Department’s complaint said a Sudanese national who gained lawful permanent resident status through the “diversity visa lottery program” ran a non-profit organisation, the Islamic American Relief Agency, and through it funneled money to known terrorist organisations in Iraq and elsewhere.

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