The controversy rages on about the reported suicide of an unidentified woman on June 10 at the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

Nigerian citizens, particularly Lagosians continue to wonder what the true story about the so-called suicide is, considering how many versions have been flying around on social media.

Did she arrive her point of death in an Uber? Did she drive herself there?

When we saw the video of the Ford Explorer that was parked on the bridge, we thought that the mystery would soon be unraveled by police.

But then, the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA) have come out to say that the owner of the SUV had been identified as just another sympathizer.

LAGOS SUICIDE: The Truth About The Ford SUV

You have read stories of adultery gone awry, business gone bad, marriage in disarray all linked to the same woman whose identity we are yet to be sure of.

What really happened? Something is just not right.

In a chat with Bounce News on Tuesday, Lagos Police PRO, Chike Oti said, “In the police we deal with facts not fiction and we don’t wait for people to give us the story, we go for it.

“We are investigating. We have our rescue operatives right now on the water looking in and out and around to see if they can recover the body of the woman who allegedly plunged into the lagoon.

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“I want you to know that we are doing this simply because we don’t want to leave anything to chances as a responsible organisation.

“Nobody has come to us to complain that my mother, my wife, daughter, aunt, niece or cousin is missing or has plunged into the water.

“So, we don’t have a description, a picture or anything that everybody is talking about. We are also hearing stories like everyone else and we are digging to see if we can authenticate the news making the rounds.”

As far as the police is concerned, there can only be a case when there are logical facts to back it up and the police have promised to notify us when or if they find a body.

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