Nothing changes on its own except something is done and that is what the the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is saying, as it tries to address the gridlock that tanker drivers have caused.

The line of tankers waiting to load petroleum products has extended from Apapa to other parts of Lagos in the short period oil workers embarked on industrial action.

The body is working hard to make the road free and it believes the perennial gridlocks will soon disappear.

However, the FRSC wants motorists to be patient and obey traffic officials to ease traffic within the short period.

The situation has been made worse by ongoing road rehabilitation within Apapa.

The FRSC's Head of Operation in Lagos, Olalekan Morakinyo, identifies factors that may have led to the situation.


“It begins from lkorodu road and the Western Avenue axis to Ijora.

“As soon as the road is completed all the corridors within the axis will experience free flow of traffic,” he said.

The Lagos State Government on Friday asked trailers to keep away from Lagos roads until the resolution of the traffic logjam.

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The government's order was followed by that of traffic authorities, transport unions and port users.

They also gave the trucks and tankers parking indiscriminately 48 hours to vacate Lagos roads.