It appears the art of magic is beginning to sell again in Lagos, but it also seems these people are joining the trade without mastering the skills.

The other day, it was a Bounce News correspondent who came across a certain Mr White around Ikeja whose trade appeared more like a trick for bigger crimes.

But nationalhelm just shared the video of another one whose stunt went awry during a magic show.

The supposed magician swallowed a snake while performing a stunt and somehow could not get the reptile out again.

From the video which is now fast going viral, we can see the moment the man started to struggle with his throat, trying to force the snake out of his mouth without success.

He even tried by coughing vigorously but still couldn’t bring out the snake from his mouth. 

Guess what, onlookers and passersby just looked on with no one helping least from what the video captured.

Could all these just be part of the performance or these is just one mean set of people?

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