The trials of Brother Jacob are still ongoing even after he was forced to step down as President of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma made another controversial appearance on the front page of the Sunday Times ZA on December 16.

The allegations suggest he owns a house worth millions of dollars located in Dubai and his neighbour is former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

Both leaders are known to have shared a cordial relationship before and after each ones tenure in office.

However, JZ took to Twitter to deny the allegation asking the paper to show him the building as he intends to sell it off and raise money.

He agreed that the paper was right when it reported him to have sold one of his properties to offset legal fees but denied owning any palace.

"The @SundayTimesZA is correct that I have sold one of my properties. Seeing as I have a lot of legal fees to pay, I would appreciate if they could provide me with the title deed & address of the house I own in Dubai so that I can sell it because I don’t know anything about it."

He asked the paper to provide the title deed and address so he can sell it off as well.

See his tweet:

On June 8, 2018 - Zuma told supporters that corruption charges against him should be dropped because he had done nothing wrong, after appearing in court for the second time relating to a $2.5bn arms deal.

Zuma was ousted by the ruling African National Congress  in February after nine years in power.

He now faces 16 charges of fraud, racketeering, corruption and money laundering relating to the deal to buy European military hardware after apartheid ended in 1994.