Nigeria’s leading innovation technology company, Tranos Contracting Limited will by the end of October launch a new line of switches and sockets into the Nigerian market.

This makes Tranos the first Nigerian company to venture into the switch and socket market.

The Managing Director of Tranos, Jude Abalaka disclosed this last week while speaking at the 2018 edition of Power Nigeria Conference and Exhibition which held in Lagos.

Abalaka said the switches and sockets being introduced by Tranos have been designed to meet the demands of any form of device connection, whether UK or US standard.

tranos sockets and switches

*The Tranos switches and sockets being displayed during the Power Nigeria exhibition in Lagos

“Looking at what is unique about our switches and sockets, I personally have realized that a lot of my devices including phones and laptops, they come in from the US and for me to charge them, I need an adaptor, so we have decided to build something that can work without an adaptor, both for the US made devices and UK devices.

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“Generally, what we have now are the typical UK connection standard of three pin plugs. But the US standard is the two-pin flat that goes in. So, we have designed our socket in such way that it can accommodate both forms of connections and you do not need an adaptor before you charge your device,” he told Bounce News on the sideline of the exhibition.

He added that the company has been “developing the products for a couple of years” and that “it took such a long time because of the uniqueness of the design, and to develop the moulds for the production and other stuff”.

“It’s interesting for us because it is our first foray into this type of market,” he noted.

tranos switches and sockets

*The switches and sockets being displayed during the Power Nigeria exhibition in Lagos

However, for most products manufactured in Nigeria, the cost of production always raises the retail cost making it non-competitive with imported alternatives. But Abalaka said Tranos has developed the products to compete favourably in the market especially with products of the same quality.

“First, we have incurred a lot of cost in developing the product. In the process, we have done quite an extensive market research and we believe that we should compete favourably with existing products in the market.

“Of course, we still have products coming in from China with lower quality, but we are not competing with those, in terms of price since we are not selling the same quality. We have designed our products to be competitive with anyone you have in the world with regards to quality,” he said.

The product, he said, will hit the market by the end of October, while noting that Tranos was inspired to venture into that segment of the market “to challenge ourselves by solving a problem locally. We could have gone to China and asked to produce what we want, but we said let’s challenge ourselves and come up with it”.

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