A train carrying passengers from Lagos border with Ogun State to the Island derailed at Mangoro area of the mega city.

The train, which eyewitnesses said was full to capacity with passengers on the roof, veered off the track and fell in the early hours of Thursday.

Lagos State Emergency Management Agency's officials that had come to the scene for rescue efforts said no casualty was recorded, but that they were told by eyewitnesses that some persons were injured. 

The injured persons, according to eyewitnesses, left the scene after the accident to take care of their injuries. 

A bad spot on the track that had been neglected for long caused the accident.

The multiplier effect was quickly felt. 

Train roof-top riders were on the train when it de

Train roof-top riders were on the train when it derailed

Vehicles moving along the Dopemu-Ikeja axis slowed down to get a glimpse of the train, causing traffic jam within the location. 

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The rail track was also blocked by some coaches of the train, making it difficult for other trains to use the track. 

A large number of residents in Ogun State and Lagos usually commute to their places of work with these trains and they will have to rely on public road transport system for movement. 

This has further increased the number of persons using the roads and further causing traffic. 

The Nigerian Railway Corporation will need to bring its equipment to move the coaches out of the location before other trains could use the track.

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