Going to work in Lagos State has become a tough task for people leaving in some parts of the mainland. 

Those who live around Dopemu, Iyana Ipaja and even beyond Abule Egba that failed to adjust their alarm to wake earlier than usual got to their offices late on Friday. 

A train derailment on Thursday had resulted in the closure of a major road connecting Mangoro and Ikeja area of Lagos to effect repairs on the bad track.

The horrible traffic started on Thursday morning and in the evening of the same day, going home was a tough task. Transportation cost also rose.

A resident who plies the Mangoro-Ikeja road said she had seen the bad track some days back and had raised concerns that it could cause a derailment. 

It was shaking like it had been unscrewed, she said. 

After the derailment, the Nigerian Railway Corporation officials began repair works on the track and this is affecting movement within the axis.

Some commuters on their way to work on Friday wondered why the government agency would wait until a train derailment before they decided to fix the rail track. 

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Commuters who used the Mangoro-Ikeja road have been forced to use alternative routes around Agage area.

The alternative roads are narrow and could not accommodate the increase in vehicles' movement and this has led to traffic jam in the area. 

It is advisable that people who go through Agege should leave their places of work earlier than usual on Friday, as there are predictions that the traffic will be worse at that time.  

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