No one saw it coming except for the fact that container-carrying trucks have made Ojuelegba Bridge a permanent park for months now. 

Tragedy struck on Tuesday evening at about 9:00 p.m. while some persons where still returning home after the days work. 

A containerised truck fell off Ojuelegba Bridge and landed on a small car and a bus, causing fear that many may have been killed. 

The Lagos State Rapid Response Squad said the number of casualties have not been ascertained. 

container falls on vehicles at Ojuelegba

Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency who responded to a distress call minutes after the incident occurred are making efforts to save lives. 

Images of the accident are flooding the internet, with different casualties figures emerging. 

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The yellow commercial bus, popularly referred to as 'Danfo' was smashed. 

container falls on vehicles at Ojuelegba

There are claims that at least four dead bodies have been removed from the wrecked vehicle while several others sustained injuries. 

Ojuelegba bridge had become so busy of late, with trucks parked on the bridge, all of them waiting to load goods from Apapa Port. 

It is a situation that should be addressed, most sympathisers are saying. 

Ojuelegba Bridge accident

One thing they want is for the containers on the bridge to be moved away. 

container falls on vehicles at Ojuelegba