Tragedy struck in Osogbo, Osun state capital during the weekend, when two men, whose ages were put at 25 and 26 years fell into a well and died.

The incident happened at a car wash where the deceased were trying to fix a pumping machine into a well.

It was also revealed that the deceased were plumbing apprentices and had followed their master to the site of the work when the incident happened.

Eye witnesses' account said one of the two victims, was in the process of fixing a pumping machine into a well at a new car wash when he lost his balance and fell into the well.

"His friend, who was a fellow apprentice, saw him falling into the well and quickly rushed down to save him. He immediately entered into the well and he too, could not come out alive.

"The two of them died in the well. All efforts to get them out proved futile. One Hausa man was called to rescue them but he could not cope with the heat.

"He immediately rushed out. Before help could reach the victims, they had ceased breathing. The two of them are from Ede", an eye witness that does not want to be mentioned said.


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