There has been a sudden rush for traditional medicine in place of the orthodox medicine in recent times, so says a Gombe based traditional medicine practitioner, Muktari Usman (Mijin Hajiya).

Usman, who showed Bounce News round the collection of different herbs and the ailment requiring the administration of such herbs, said he has spent the last 20 years practicing in the field of traditional medicine.

He said that he has, over the years, successfully attended to medical cases referred to him from hospitals where orthodox medicine was prescribed.

"We recently treated a medical doctor who had complications and many other people here," he said.

In the past, traditional medicine was highly sought after in most African countries but the advent of orthodox medicine relegated it to the background.

Mijin Hajiya, however, said the tide is changing because experiences have shown that the traditional medicine, which most people described as primitive, is now the center stage in the treatment of illnesses.

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One of the main concerns people have with traditional medicine has to do with accuracy in its administration, but Muktari Usman says just as orthodox medicine are abused, so is traditional medicine stressing that a certified herbalist always has his measuring tools.

Auwal Umar Ahmed, the discipline master of the North East branch of National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners said with the establishment of a college that offers certificate and diploma in Yobe state, the historical practice has been regulated.

Bounce News sampled people’s opinion in Gombe metropolis on what they feel about the use of traditional medicine to orthodox.

Though their opinion varied, they all seemed to agree that both traditional and orthodox medicine have their good and bad sides.

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