The Lagos International Trade Fair Complex has been a subject of disputed concession arrangements for some time now.

The initial concession of the complex, which was given to Aulic Nigeria Limited in 2008, has been cancelled by the National Council on Privatisation and the Federal government is now making fresh plans to concession the complex again.  

But trader groups operating around the Complex have objected to the fresh concession plans.

The trade groups spoke on Tuesday in Lagos under the platform of the Forum of International Trade Fair Complex.

They said they ought to be consulted since they already held the lease on 75% of the complex for 50 years since 2004 and were paying their fees promptly every year.

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The President, ASPMDA, Mr Daniel Offorkansi, while addressing journalists in ASPMDA, said the stakeholders leased the complex when it was a mere forest and had spent trillions of naira developing it.

He said the complex houses many industries that employ over 75,000 people.

Offorkansi said even if the government wanted to concession the remaining 25% undeveloped land, the stakeholders who were already operating there ought to have been given the choice of first refusal instead of giving it to a total stranger.

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