The sun was shining fiercely, burning through the skin, but the crowd seems not to have felt its scorch.

It was 10:00 a.m. and a large crowd had gathered at the Peace Park, opposite the state Government House in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Adorned in beautiful attires of different colours, with a matching head gear, women belonging to different groups and unions, danced to the beat of Owigiri, a popular Ijaw tune. 

It was a joyful day for former members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), but not because they are gaining more ground in the state, but they have been treated to a feast, as they formerly defect to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

At about 2:14 p.m, the state Governor, Seriake Dickson, arrived at the venue accompanied by the party's Chairman, Mr. Cleopas Moses and other party stalwarts.

The big fish of the day, however, was Timi Alaibe, who was a former Adviser to the President on Amnesty and also a former Chairman of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The crowd cheered as he was received into his new family.

Mr Timi Alaibe, Rufus Angbari (Babaru), Nathan Egba, Amana Amana, Gideon Ekewe and Goldstone Micheal also led their teaming supporters in the cross over.

Top APC Members In Bayelsa Defect To PDP
Chieftains of the APC in Bayelsa holding brooms before they dumped them

The Chairman of the PDP in Bayelsa, Cleopas Moses, expressed happiness over the return of the people he described as prodigal sons.

"Despite the fact that they harassed and intimidated us during our last governorship in Bayelsa State, we are still brothers.

"I can still remember how our women used their bodies to wedge armoured tanks, preventing it from wrecking havoc in our state," he said.

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He categorically stated that the "APC cannot win elections in Bayelsa State", claiming they had resorted to violence, use of arms, killings and blackmailing people.

He called on the remaining members of the APC to come home.

Top APC Members In Bayelsa Defect To PDP
Governor Seriake Dickson was also there to welcome the defectors

Each of the defectors took time to address the gathering, with most of them asking Bayelsans for forgiveness and thanking them for their warm reception.

They promised to be of good conduct and never to disappoint them.

After they were welcomed back, the decampees trooped out to break and dump their brooms on the ground, but none of them had an umbrella which is the official logo of PDP.

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