The year 2017 saw us witnessing good, bad and ugly stories about popular figures in our society.

Some of these scandals were career-threatening and left the stars involved facing ridiculous bashing from the public.

Bounce News looks at some of the ugliest moments that our celebrities had to deal with in 2017.

1. Davido’s Trouble Over Tagbo Death

They say whatever evil that fails to kill you will eventually make you stronger. This must have been the most difficult time in David Adeleke’s young life but he came out stronger.

Known for his big heart, you would of course expect him to have many friends and hangers on but not much was ever known about his groupies until October 4, 2017.

All hell broke loose after Caroline Danjuma stormed Instagram with so much bitterness, accusing pop star, Davido of complicity in the death of one of his friends Tagbo Umeike.

It got so bad that the police at some point demanded that Davido should report at the police many fans, that was like Davido being declared wanted.

His ‘crime’ was that he and his crew abandoned the dead body of a friend, Tagbo at the General Hospital Lagos after leading him on to drink 40 shots of tequila in one night.

davido and tagbo

A video of the intoxicated Tagbo before his death went viral, and as usual, opinions flew left right and centre on social media.

But then, nerves calmed after the autopsy report of Caroline Danjuma's late boyfriend was announced and it seemed to say that he didn't die of excess alcohol consumption but asphyxiation.

In all, Davido did one thing that made us love him more. He spoke less while the storm raged and forgave all when the storm was over.

Perhaps that was out of respect for the dead... remember it was same period he lost another friend, DJ Olu under controversial circumstances.

2. Dammy Krane Credit Card Scandal

It will take a while before Dammy Krane can convince many Nigerians that he knew nothing about how a stolen credit card was used to book a private jet for him at TapJets.

All facts stood against him after his arrest in the US in June.

The 'Amin' singer was arrested after private jet service company, TapJets alerted the US police that the singer made a booking totalling $10,943 with stolen credit card details.

He ended up spending some days in jail alongside one Ilochukwu Gabriel at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center before making bail.

He was eventually arraigned before the Circuit Judge for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, in the Criminal Division, Judge De La O Miguel who discharged him of all charges.

Unlike Davido that said less about his scandal, this dude has since been saying a lot and even went as far as making a song titled 'Credit Card' from the experience.

We are waiting to see how much money this will put in his pocket.

3. Apostle Suleman vs. Stephanie Otobo

Quite a dramatic one! Trust Nigerians to come out guns blazing when scandals involve preachers.

Fiery Nigerian preacher and founder of Omega Fire Ministries will never forget 2017 in his life after a Canada-based singer Stephanie Otobo turned him into a figure of fun on social media.

It was a massive sex scandal that saw the lady sharing some graphic details of their “relationship”, including chat records.

In a video that went viral, not only did she portray Suleiman as a fake man of God, she also described him as a sex freak and one who could also be a murderer.

She went further to reveal her ‘knowledge’ of Suleman’s multiple girlfriends, including a Nollywood actress, his love for threesomes and addiction to lesbianism and porn.

The prophet fought back by getting her arrested in Nigeria and followed this with a lawsuit and so did Miss Otobo with a countersuit.

She filed a $5 million lawsuit against Suleiman in Canada, claiming damages resulting from breach of trust, breach of fiduciary relations, breach of contract, negligence, defamation, poisoning, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional stress, forcible confinement, multiple instances of battery, false imprisonment, fraud, assaults, sexual assaults, sexual harassments, harassments and malicious prosecution.

How this one died a ‘natural’ death is still a mystery to many...shall we call it divine intervention by the ‘god of Suleman’?

Call it an anticlimax and you would be right. The case seemed not to be near any form of resolution until Miss Otobo suddenly returned to Canada.

4. Burna Boy Robbery Allegation

This one is quite a simple story. Artiste Mr 2Kay was robbed and badly beaten after an event at Eko Hotel and Suites in October.

Police went after his attackers and they were arrested. But they left us shocked after confessing to the crime and naming Burna Boy as the orchestrator of the attack.

It seemed too unbelievable that Burna Boy would pay hoodlums N100,000 to rob his fellow singer.

But then we also wondered, why they would mention him among the thousands of artistes in Lagos. There must have been a connection, abi?

He was not in Nigeria when the suspected armed robbers indicted him, but police immediately declared him wanted.

On return to Nigeria, the singer surrendered himself to the police and was interrogated, detained and charged to court alongside four members of the gang earlier arrested.

This is not even over yet, and we may not be able to say further since the case is in court and Burna Boy is only walking free on the N100,000 bail granted him by the court.

5. Mr Eazy’s Many Goofs – Ghanaian Music and Jollof Rice

OK...this guy provided us some comic relief in 2017! How do you explain this statement from a young guy who just became known in 2016?

“The speed at which I’ve moved is scary to me…cause it took my contemporaries 5, 6 years,” Eazi said.

“And that is what has been this year, if you want to count like 5 afrobeat, it’s like everybody just realized that ‘yo what formula is Mr Eazi using?’ Ok we’re gonna end up doing it. December last year almost 60% of Nigerian artiste were in Ghana playing shows”

“Now everybody is using words like Banku, Shitor, Maami, Odoo, Sika. My guy, how come? How do you know Odoo? How do you know Sika? How do you know Maami? From where, what’s the connection?

“It’s just like an American artist just rapping about something in the UK, and you know he has no knowledge of it.”

While some tore him apart, others felt he was probably in diapers when the likes of VIP, Tony Tetuila, Reggie Rockstone, Tuface Idibia, Tinny and others led the Ghana-Nigeria music revolution.

But then he would not just shut up. He went on to rate Ghanaian jollof rice higher than Nigeria’s own when he knows how savage his Naija people are on social media.

And then in September, the ‘Skin Tight’ singer came out again to say he prefers Gambian jollof rice over those made in Nigeria and Ghana.

He just doesn’t seem to get it right with public speaking and he has had a great deal of embarrassing clap backs too...well deserved.

Mr Eazi could easily be the most ridiculed Nigerian artiste on social media in 2017.

6. And That Psquare Split? OMG!

The break-up of identical twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye – Psquare had been one waiting to happen for many years.

But we all still dreaded the day it would become reality because we just couldn’t afford to lose one of our best musical exports.

What shocked most of us, however, was the messy nature of the separation; the name calling, and of course that very sad video of them going practically physical against each other.

psquare beef

With mouths wide open, we read about the alleged role of their elder brother and former manager, Jude Okoye; the perceived role of Peter’s wife, Lola Omotayo and every sordid detail in between.

Social media went crazy; many fans cried and sued for peace, some took sides blindly, fellow celebrities stepped in but one thing we learnt is that in this era, private matters should be kept away from social media.